Picking up the right tile that best fits your swimming pool style is a vital step of a successful pool project. It is better to place the selection of tile design first. Today, BluwhaleTile will give you some tips about how to find out the right tile for your pool tiling.

To choose a suitable tile is the very first step homeowners need to consider before break ground. It often begins with several questions: Are the tiles durable? Can the color and pattern perfectly blend in the landscape? From where can I buy pool mosaic tiles that are cost efficient? However, not every homeowner can make a right choice because they are used to judging from appearance rather than have a comprehensive consideration.

slate mosaic tile modern pool tile

  1. Size

Size is one of the important factors that you should pay attention to. It may not seem to matter a great deal at the beginning but you will feel it as tiles become aging and maintenance cost soars. The larger the tile is, the less grout can you use in tiling. That also makes sense in some cases like concrete pool repair  and swimming pool resurfacing. Also, market data tells us larger pool tile overwhelm the smaller ones in sales volume. That means consumers tend to buy larger size of tile when asked what kind of tile design they want to adopt in their pool construction.

By the way, it is vital to consider for calcium buildup often occurs most heavily beginning in the grout joints. Once the calcium buildup occurs, it is really hard to clean off without damaging the tiles, costing you more money in the long run to repair and remodel.

bluwhaletile triangle pool tile design

  1. Finish

Another factor you should consider is the finish of tile. It comes in a great variety such as abrasive surface, undulated texture, smooth surface, glossy film and matte surface, and weighs heavily for it to a large extent determines the durability and maintenance cost of the tile. Avoid using tiles that are extremely abrasive because they are the most inconvenient for cleaning. As calcium buildup love adhering to rough surface, those tiles that are smooth and designed without uneven texture are your best choice.

light blue pool tile classic standard tiles for pool

  1. Color

Pool tiles have numerous options in color. The most common color, undoubtedly, is blueness. Most pool owners pursue gemstone blue pool tile that is crystal clean and shimmering under water. If you aspire a outside-box-thinking design, then multicolor mosaic tile with innovative pattern may be your best choice. What’s more, you have to know that the lighter the tile is, the more apparently calcium and dirt will show up on its surface. This is also the reason why dark blue pool tile can gain constant popularity no matter how many new tile designs come out.

color tile modern pool tile

  1. Material

Finally, let’s look at the material. Pool tiles are mainly made of porcelain, ceramic and glass. Porcelain and glass both are sufficient materials. They are hard and chemical resistant, especially best for pool tiling.

All in all, just choose the pool tile according to the pool style you are expecting, and enjoy your wonderful swimming time. If you have any doubt about pool mosaic tile for sale, welcome to consult BluwhaleTile. Visit us for more pool tile ideas and pool maintenance tips at http://www.bluwhaletile.com.