I grew up in the country where is so remote that we couldn’t get any digital recreation. My siblings and I loved the nature most and preferred playing outdoor games. Like many other kids, we had a mysterious fascination with frogs. We could gather many in the pond and observed how they grow up from a little black spot to a four-leg jumping creature. Collecting frog babies in a plastic bottle was the funniest thing to me ever. At night, the frogs sang us to sleep. I never found them troublesome.

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Too Many Frogs in Your Pool is a Big Trouble

But apparently too many frogs can cause problems, especially for those who have a swimming pool at backyard. Only a few frogs swimming unscrupulously in the pool is enough to drive some pool owners close to crazy, let alone numerous frog eggs floating on the pool water. It’s undoubtedly annoying to keep removing dead frogs as well as frog eggs from the pool. BluwhaleTile here explore why frogs love your pool so much and give you some tips to get away them.

Why Frogs Like Your Pool So Much?

The reasons are very simple, that is, reflective water surface and bugs. At night, the pool water acts like a giant reflector to any light source such as your house lighting and the nearby streetlamps. This attracts bugs, and many of them will get drown once they can’t remove from the water. More bugs then more heavier meal can frogs get. No wonder they’re unwilling to leave and even see your swimming pool as their lovely breeding beds.

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Pool Water Surface Serves as a Giant Insect Trap

Are Frogs in Your Pool Harmful to Your Health? Do the Dead Ones Matter?

Actually, the frogs aren’t bad for your pool. They can eat up many bugs and micro-organism that will cost you lots of time for cleaning. But what about they get drown? Don’t worry. The circulation system will bring them to the filter, which is actually more convenient to clean, though it may appear a little bit disgusting. Concerned about they may carry any virus or disease? Don’t be. In fact, the chemicals in your pool will help to eradicate any harmful bacteria. If you’re particular about pool hygiene, that may be the following tips can help you.

Get away Frog Eggs with Skimmer

10 Useful Measures to Keep Frogs away from Your Pool

  1. Invest a Cover

Whenever you’re not using your pool, consider a cover to prevent pool water from reflecting light so as to block frogs’ food source. The cover should be easy to roll out and fold up but still fastened tightly for your kids and pets in case they accidentally slip down and get hurt.

  1. Build a Fence

Install a fence around your pool can stop any unidentified creatures intruding your private area and make your pool more safer. It should be a net type and installed at a proper height.

  1. Install a Fountain or Waterfall

Frogs are attracted to bugs, and bugs are attracted to still water. Therefore, if you keep your pool water running by installing a fountain or waterfall, bugs and other insects won’t find it a great place to inhabit. Then frogs won’t stay because they can’t find their meals.

  1. Block the Light Source

The lights in and around your pool is a great attraction to insects and frogs. Make sure all lights turned off or dim them with covering when you’re not using your pool.

  1. Spray Mixture of Salt & Water

Create a mixture by adding salt to the water and spray it around your pool deck. Once the mixture dries, it will leave a trace and burn frogs’ little toes when they climb over the sprayed area. It will show them an opposite way from your pool. Be noted, all this salt is going to be harmful to any plant around your pool. The leaves will get burnt from the edge and eventually wither. So don’t overuse this method.

  1. Spray Mixture of Bleach & Water

Bleach has surprising performance on frog defense too. This method is relatively weak, but it’s clearly effective enough. Add 1/3 cup bleach to 3 gallons of water. Be aware not to spray onto the plants.

  1. Spray Mixture of Citric Acid & Water

Although citric acid sounds a little bit severe, it actually isn’t strong enough to do great harm to the growth of plants. Add 1.3 pounds of it to 1 gallon of water, then spray it around the pool or just add it in the pool water.

  1. Spray Caffeine

It has been approved that caffeine can be used as a pesticide in Hawaii. Report shows that the frogs which had been exposed to a two percent mixture of caffeine were all killed out because of heart attack. However, this solution also can get human dizzy so it’s better to use leftover coffee, which is between 0.1 and 0.05% concentration, to defend frogs. It won’t kill them, but is enough to scare them away.

  1. Spray Vinegar

Same as the mixture of salt & water

  1. Let them Go or Just Run away

I mean sometimes there’s nothing you can do and just let them go. Frogs don’t harm you right? Instead, they can be your loyal insect cleaner. If you think the frogs are a real trouble you can never get rid of, then you could just move. Yes, pack up your clothes, resell your house and rent a new one without a pool. That’s the point, not a pool-already-installed house!

Just kidding! Whatever, another option right?

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