Earth day is approaching. Are you devoting great effort in daily-life details to protect our lovely planet? You know tiny change can make a big difference. By the way, pool owners are usually blamed for resource wasting because running a pool in efficient function, considerable investment of manpower and materials is necessary. Earth Day is an excellent opportunity to start greening your way of having fun in pool and reverse public bias on water activities.

Earth Day: Worldwide Reminder of Creating a More Sustainable Planet

Earth Day is globally celebrated on April 22 each year. On this day, people are reminded to begin or keep up the effort of creating a more sustainable world by being empowered with the knowledge that unprecedented industrial contamination and daily resource wasting is threatening the planet. Earth Day inspires us to save energy and use recycled materials, which is helpful to create an environment that is safe, clean and healthy.

Ways to Go Green with Your Pool

There are numerous methods for pool owners use to save energy, water and money. Following are top 4 issues that you should bear in mind to do your social responsibility.

Swimming Pool Landscaping
  1. Upgrade Your Pool Landscaping by Planting Trees

Greenery is always considered as the best medium to absorb CO2 and other pollutant, removing and storing the carbon while discharging oxygen back into the air. This air refreshing process can clean and cool your living area, which especially presents its best advantage that provides you a more comfortable swimming environment. Also, prosperous trees can serve as a natural shelter that protects your from sunburn in hot summer. Well-designed greenery is a great embellishment for your backyard and a sustainable source to beautify your pool.

Digital Automation System
  1. Apply Digital Automation Systems

Today’s systems can arrange different procedures of pool maintenance for you. For example, automatic chemistry management can ensure your chlorine level and pH stay within proper range by taking water test regularly and add or reduce chemicals as needed. It not only save your chemical cost but extend the longevity of the pool tiles and facilities. Also, automatic circulation system can be used to build up a more energy-efficient pool. This system can arrange filtration operation: circulate water through the filter once every 24 hours; swift speed to circulate the water according to the type of pump, weather and season.

Pool Water Saving & Recycling
  1. Recycle Already-used Pool Water

Pool often takes up tremendous land to build on as well as a large volume of water to fill in. It’s a waste if draining already-used pool water directly somewhere outside and don’t put it into second use. The water can be disposed and then used to irrigate plants in your courtyard, flush the toilet and mop the floor. This recycled water can satisfy most water demands, as long as it’s adequately treated to ensure water quality and safety for the use. What’s more, you can adopt technology that some pool service companies provide to pump water into a rig, clean it and put it back into the pool instead of draining and refilling it.

Saltwater Swimming Pool
  1. Convert Your Pool to Salt

Chlorine is essential to maintain chemistry balance of pool. Generally, factory-produced chlorine additive is more expensive than natural salt. Also, salt is affordable and available anywhere. Salt is a natural source of chlorine and by using it can save your cost on chemical consuming.

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